Driving Life Rich Banking – CUA

CUA is Australia’s largest customer-owned financial institution and last week they picked up the first of many new Toyota’s from our Strathpine dealership. We would like to thank, Paul from Istyle Studio who completed the wraps on the first 4 vehicles in record time, we think the new additions to the CUA fleet are looking great!

CUA started with the idea to give Australians a fairer deal, and today their commitment to help their customers enrich their lives remains at the heart of their business. CUA profits go back to customers as better rates, lower fees, and better-value products. They also offer a range of insurance options, including health insurance to help you care for your family.

We hope that our commitment to deliver exceptional experiences to CUA helps them to enrich the lives of their own customers.

We are able to support businesses like CUA thanks to our dedicated Fleet Specialist team. The Fleet Specialist badge is only given to those dealers who consistently deliver exceptional results in the Fleet arena. Our team of Fleet Specialist have proven year after year they have the knowledge and expertise to provide The level of service that is demanded by organisations, large and small.

To see how Torque Toyota can support your business, contact our fleet team here.


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