Get that new car feeling again

We all have that minor scratch or dent that we want to get fixed. The trouble is we can’t find the time and it’s probably too small to take to a panel shop.

Well, at Torque Toyota Strathpine you can get your car serviced and get you that “new car look” back all at the same time. Our Strathpine workshop can now fix minor dents on most recent models using the latest Dr. ColorChip™ Paint Chip Repair System, that is used all over the world.

We know your time is precious, so if you are coming in for a service, let us know and we will take a look at your vehicle and get it done at the same time. No need to pay higher prices for scratches and dents that only require a touch up. Call Torque Toyota Strathpine and we will get you back on the road and in a rejuvenated car in no time.

Book today by contacting our service desk on 3384 8887.

2 thoughts on “Get that new car feeling again

  1. Hi, Could I call in Friday for a quote on some repairs? Please call 0417707798. Regards Michael Lennon


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