Philips Lighting LED Woolworths competition


Torque Toyota is proud to support eco-friendly initiatives. This time around Philips in partnership with Woolworths launched a competition to see a lucky winner drive away in a brand new Toyota Prius. Customers were prompted to purchase an LED Philips light globe to go in the draw to win up to 50 X $350 wish gift cards or the grand prize of a Toyota Prius.

LED globes use less energy than other light sources with similar output. In parallel, our Prius range produces lower emission and up to 50% better fuel economy than a similarly sized conventional petrol vehicle.

Today’s Prius is the culmination of decades of research, testing and refinement.

The result?

A vehicle that proves you can deliver impressive fuel efficiency, without sacrificing power, style and comfort.

In July 2015, 18 years after rolling out the first Prius, Toyota sold their eight millionth hybrid vehicle. With Toyota’s world-leading hybrid technology at its core, Prius uses both a petrol engine and an electric motor and switches seamlessly between the two or uses them simultaneously to deliver the best performance for any condition.

We would just like to congratulate Mandy Wilson for winning a brand new Toyota Prius and participating in saving energy and our planet.


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