Torque Auto Body Repair Centre

We’ve always had a panel shop. Our dealership has been repairing vehicles for years. And not just Toyota’s either, almost every make of vehicle has been through our shop.

We’ve also got some seriously experienced people working for us.


But now, we are changing direction slightly. Our operations have changed and we are focusing on the future.

Given that the panel shop is part of a Torque Toyota, we see it only fitting that we focus on fixing Toyota’s. After all, we are the Toyota specialists.

We’ve changed our name from Metro Paint and Panel to Torque Auto Body Repair Centre.

We’re focusing on genuine repairs to your Toyota. Using genuine parts to repair your vehicle so that you can be sure it’s being repaired to the highest standard.

Some repair centres have a habit of using non-genuine parts. And while they may look the same, all parts are not created equal. Some repair centres even use second hand parts, sourced from similar models.

At the Torque Auto Body Repair Centre, we repair all Toyota’s to the manufacturers recommendations. We have specialised equipment that’s required by Toyota to be used in the repair of their vehicles. And all of our staff are trained by Toyota.

If you own a Toyota, and need to get it fixed, why would you take it to anyone else but the experts?

We can help you process your insurance claim, so you’re only out of pocket for the excess. And we’ll make sure you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

We’ve got longstanding relationships with almost all of the major insurance companies, and especially, Toyota Insurance!

If you need some work done on your Toyota, please feel free to contact us on 07 3384 7337 or visit our dealerships at:

55 South Pine Road, Strathpine QLD 4500

1658 Anzac Avenue, North Lakes QLD 4509


The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has created a video that explains why genuine is best. Watch it below…

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