68th Annual QRI Social Bowls Club Carnival

The Queensland Rail Social Bowls Club held their 68th Annual State Bowls Carnival from August 31st to September 2nd 2016.

The Bramble Bay Bows Club (BBBC) was a fantastic location for 3 days of fun competition, set on the edge of the Redcliffe peninsula at Woody Point. With a cool breeze coming off the water, we opened the carnival with the honorary bowl, provided by our Development Manager, Sean Lim.

After a great day of bowling on Wednesday, the competition heated up with some close rounds on Thursday for Day 2. On Thursday evening, September 1st, we were hosted by the club for the Carnival dinner. We shared in some laughs, some great food, and a few cheeky beverages. The carnival concluded on Friday September 2nd, with the winners being announced only after a countback.

Congratulations to all players involved, the QRI Social Bowls Club and the BBBC for putting on a fantastic 3 day carnival. We are proud to support the QRI Social Bowls Club and the Bramble Bay Bowls Club in local events such as these. We are committed to supporting individuals, local clubs and businesses in the Moreton Bay Region, and beyond.

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