Perfexion Superior Window Tint

Keeping you looking and feeling cool, there is no doubt that tinted windows on a vehicle look great. The fact that they help protect and reduce the temperature of your car’s interior is an added bonus.

Perfexion Superior Tint uses the darkest legal film to enhance the look of your vehicle and protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. With an SPF of 285+ it is your ultimate protection against the harsh Australian sun. The unique scratch-resistant coating resists up to 99% of all UV rays while reflecting up to 60% of the heat and glare away from the cabin.

Perfexion Superior Tint also promotes safety by retaining excellent optical clarity at all times. There is simply no better way to create improved cabin comfort and protection for you and your passengers. It also reduces glare thus diminishing squinting and eyestrain. Resistant to scratches and fading. Perfexion Superior Tint comes with a warranty* against: Peeling, cracking, bubbling and colour fading.

Check the rest of the Perfexion product range here.

For full terms and conditions of Perfexion warranties, visit All products come with a 20 year warranty on new vehicles and 10 year warranty on pre-owned vehicles except for the Perfexion® Electronic Rust Module which has a 15 year warranty on vehicles up to four years old, a 10 year warranty on vehicles between four and 10 years old and no warranty on vehicles over 10 years old.

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