Summer Service Special

As much as we enjoy living in the Sunshine state, we all know how challenging Queensland’s summer can be on our vehicles. At Torque Toyota, we offer a wide range of products to protect the exterior of your car (paint protection, tints…) but we also care about what is inside, especially during summer. From those scorching hot days to the late afternoon thunderstorms, we want your car to be prepared to face the elements. That is why we created a Summer Service Special. For only $129 you can service your passenger vehicle at Torque Toyota, including:

  • Replacement of engine oil & oil filter so your engine stays cool and lubricated.
  • Check up of automatic transmission fluid condition (where applicable).
  • Lubrication of all doors and locks as required.
  • Check and top up of all fluid levels including battery, brake, coolant, power steering, radiator and windscreen washers.
  • Inspection of engine belts (external only).
  • Tyre check and rotation so your tires are properly inflated, rotated and have the tread you need to grip the road during those afternoon storms.

Make sure you take advantage of this red hot offer now! Book here.

* Offers end 31/12/2016 *


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