My Town Magazine Rav4 test drive

Australian lifestyle magazine My Town Magazine recently took one of our new Flex Tone Rav4 with Advanced Safety Pack for a ride and published an instructive article about their experience behind the wheel. The article was published in page 27 of their December issue. Read below:

“2017 Toyota RAV4 range have been revealed, and My Town Magazine got to test drive it. Torque Toyota invited My Town Magazine to test drive their NEW RAV 4, so we arrived at the Brendale dealership and met up with Sean Lim the Marketing manager for the group.

Before even seeing the vehicle Sean very excitedly talked about how excellent he thought this SUV was, he ran through the options that had been fitted to the vehicle that I was about to take for the day. Now being 6ft tall and a little heavy, I always worry about mid-sized vehicles, and how comfortable I will be sitting in and driving. It was time to test drive the NEW RAV 4, so we wandered out to the yard and there it was, to me a pretty impressive looking vehicle, A very sporty looking SUV, Blue in colour with the optional Flex Tone Pack fitted and 18” Sports Alloy Wheels gave it a sophisticated yet tough look, my first impressions where “I can’t wait to drive it”. The vehicle I was about to drive was 2017 RAV 4 GXL 2.0l Petrol wagon with optional extras including the Advanced Safety Pack and Optional Flex Tone Pack. Keyless entry and push button starter, I felt like I was in a top of the range SUV, you know, like a Cadillac or BMW.

The first thing I noticed, that for a guy of my stature, was the room, it felt BIG. So let’s drive this baby, let’s get it onto the Freeway before anything else, it’s a 20l auto, if it doesn’t impress there then it won’t impress anywhere. So I set the Satellite Navigation System to take me to Cairns, a calming voice instructs me towards my destination. I had turned on every safety feature that this care had on it, forward collision warning, active cruise control, automatic high beam, lane departure alert with steering assist, automatic wipers, front parking sensors and a trailer sway warning system. How well will these features work, can you rely on them, I wanted to find out, I mean it’s a RAV 4, how good could it be. Cruise control set a 100klh, Cairns here we come.

I found the RAV 4 accelerate to its speed very smoothly and considerably fast, expecting a lot of road noise, I was surprised at how quiet and comfortable the ride was. Little things like blind spot alerts in the mirrors letting me know that a vehicle was coming past, left or right, it was the active cruise control that impressed me the most, travelling at 100klh approaching a vehicle in front, the sensors pick up that the vehicle in front is travelling slower than you and begins to slow the RAV 4 down keep a distance between both vehicles that you set.

We didn’t really drive to Cairns, it was only to Caboolture, and then to Old Petrie town for a Photo shoot, but it was enough to make me feel that this SUV was safe and comfortable to drive on the open highways, so the next stop was a night drive into the City, driving the RAV 4 around town was easy, and parking was a breeze with its front and rear sensors. All in all this was a very nice vehicle to drive, Toyota has delivered a great Mid-sized SUV with the RAV 4.”

We would like to thank My Town Magazine for their interest and for delivering a very informative review of the Rav4 with Advanced Safety Pack.

Read My Town Magazine full December issue here.

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