National Tree Day 2017

National Tree Day by Planet Ark, sponsored by Toyota Australia, is Australia’s largest community tree-planting and nature care event.

National Tree Day is an opportunity to have a positive impact on your local community and its environment, and to reconnect with nature.

In 2017, we helped out 6 local schools by providing tree, grass and shrub seedlings, gloves, shirts and material.

IMG_9605 Kumartcho Nursery

We supported the following schools:

  • Good Shepherd Christian School, Albany Creek
  • Holy Spirit Catholic School, Bray Park
  • Eatons Hill State School, Eatons Hill
  • Humpybong State School, Margate
  • Narangba Valley State Primary School, Narangba
  • Narangba Valley State High School, Narangba

We would like to thank the Principals, teachers and volunteers at the schools that helped make this day a reality for the kids involved.

This year was quite unique as we were invited by the Pine Rivers Koala Care Association Inc. to participate in their School’s Tree Day planting activities on the Friday 28th of July in Strathpine. As well as being invited by the Moreton Bay Regional Council to attend their National Tree Day event on Sunday 30th of July in Rothwell.


The Pine Rivers Koala Care Association Inc. event was held at Rob Akers Reserve on Bells Pocket Rd in Strathpine. We provided over 250 trees that will help provide a natural habitat for koalas that live in the area. We had students from both Pine Rivers High School and Strathpine State School attend to do the planting activities.

We were lucky enough to be visited by a baby koala that the association had in their care at the time. At only 8 months old, he was a big hit with everyone on the day.

The Pine Rivers Koala Care Association does some amazing work at rescuing and reintroducing koalas in the local Pine Rivers area.

On Sunday we headed out to Rothwell to host a BBQ for all of the volunteers that attended the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s planting event on the corner of Morris and Wattle Rd.

They had around 70 people pre-register for the event but expected about 100 participants. We were there at 8am setting up, and as 9am rolled around we could see the crowd growing larger and larger.


It took about 3 hours to have all of the planting activities completed, with some well-earned food and refreshments provided by our team after everything was completed.

There were local residents, a large contingent of scouts and girl guides, as well as volunteers and supporters from the local community involved.

The event was a huge success, helping plant over 2000 trees in the local parklands.


We would like to thank our Torque Toyota volunteers who helped out with this year’s events, Marie, Caitlin, Carolyn and Damian.

Thanks to Kumbartcho Nursery that assisted with all of the trees and plants that were provided to our local schools and events.

Thanks to all of the schools, especially the schools that participate year in year out, and help bring the message of environmental engagement to our future generations.

We hope everyone had a fantastic time last week, and look forward to helping everyone out again next year.

-Sean Lim, Dealership Development Manager, Torque Toyota

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