Toolbox of Joy Concept

The Tj CRUISER was named and designed for lifestyles where both “work” and “play” are enjoyed. The “T” in Tj CRUISER stands for “Toolbox” while the “j” refers to the joy of visiting various places accessible with its part-time all-wheel-drive system.


Its bold front, square-shaped cabin, sturdy suspension and 20-inch wheels complement a next-generation Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform powered by “2.0-litre class” petrol and hybrid powertrains.

Tj CRUISER is all about utility. On the inside, it is able to store surfboards and other items up to 3m long due to its fold-flat front and rear passenger seats.


The backs of the seats and deck boards include numerous lashing points to enable easy anchoring of items from small parcels to longer objects. The wide-opening back door makes for easy loading and unloading of large items such as bikes.

The seat cushion on the passenger seat directly behind the driver can be flipped up towards the front to create a unique space for storing shopping bags.


The large openings of the sliding doors enable loading and unloading of large items from the sides and easy entry and exit for occupants.

Tj CRUISER’s bonnet, roof and fenders use “care-free” materials with a special coating that resists scratches and dirt.


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