Save 4c per litre off fuel with myToyota

Owning a Toyota just got even better!

If you haven’t already downloaded the myToyota app on your Apple or Android device, do so immediately.

Once you’ve loaded your vehicle into the app (we can help with this if required), you’ll notice you have banner at the bottom of the home (Garage) screen which says Caltex Offer. If you click on this you’ll land on the Fuel Rewards page. Click on the button that says ‘Get Daily Code’ and you’ll get given a QR voucher code.

Present this QR code at the register at any participating fuel station to receive a 4c / litre discount off the purchase.

It’s that simple!

Caltex Offer Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the offer?

Toyota has developed a new rewards partnership with Caltex to offer Toyota owners a saving of 4c per litre on fuel every time they fill up at any participating Caltex Service station.

2. How do I know if I am eligible to access the offer?

All Toyota owners are eligible for the offer. Simply download the myToyota app on your smartphone or device, register your account and add your vehicle to myGarage.

3. How do I access the offer?

After adding a Toyota vehicle to myGarage, simply navigate to the Rewards section, and tap ‘Get Daily Code’ on the Caltex fuel reward card.

4. How often can I fill up my vehicle and receive the offer via myToyota?

The offer is available once per vehicle, per 24 hour period.

5. I own multiple Toyota vehicles, does the discount apply to all of them?

You will have access to the offer for each vehicle added in your myGarage.

6. Are there any restrictions on Toyota vehicles?

Toyota vehicles manufactured from 2001 onwards can be added to myToyota and are eligible for the offer. Unfortunately vehicles manufactured earlier than 2001 are not eligible. Imported vehicles are also not eligible.

7. Which Caltex service stations am I able to visit in order to redeem the offer?

The offer is available via the myToyota app. A full list of participating Caltex service stations can be found within Rewards in myToyota or by visiting the link here.

8. Am I able to receive the myToyota Discount from an Outdoor Pay Terminal, Pay@Pump terminal or FuelPay app?

No, these terminals do not have the Point of Sale interface and are unable to support processing the offer.

9. Am I able to use my loyalty cards (e.g. Myer one) on top of the offer?

Yes. The points earned with the loyalty card are based on the discounted sales amount i.e. net sales amount after the offer has been applied.

10. For the Caltex-Woolworths redemption sites, am I entitled to the offer on top of the

Woolworths Everyday Rewards discounts?

No. Only ONE of the two promotions are allowed. If you scan your QR code and receive a discount, you will not be entitled to the added Woolworths discounts.

11. Can the QR code be shared by Toyota drivers with others?

No. Only eligible Toyota drivers are able to benefit from the offer. All redemptions / myToyota Discount transactions are monitored for fraudulent activity.

12. What do I do if I there is an error when generating the QR code?

Simply show the error screen on your device to the Caltex Customer Service Attendant (CSA), who will then be able to manually apply the discount.

13. What should I do if I am unable to sign in to the myToyota app due to maintenance or an outage?

If you are experiencing registration or log-in difficulty, please call 1800 TOYOTA (1800 869 682) between Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm AEST or email us at

14. I don’t own a Toyota, am I eligible to access the offer?

The offer is for owners of Toyota vehicles via the myToyota app. You must own a Toyota vehicle to claim the offer.

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