Roads are always changing and new ones are being built every day.

That’s why it pays to keep your Sat Nav^ up-to-date with the latest MAP update* available.

You’ll know new roads, new turn restrictions and even new school zones.

MAP updates give you the best possible route options and handy information, like nearest ATMs, petrol stations, parking etc.

Updates should only be performed by Toyota Trained Technicians, so remember to ask when you book your next service at our dealership.

Think it’s getting harder to find your way around? Here’s why.  Last year’s statistics for alterations and additions to MAPS.

Here are more reasons to update your MAPS:

You know what it’s like. You’re running late for a meeting and, of course, the meeting’s on the other side of town. That’s where MAP updates will help. With options for best possible route calculations based on ‘quickest’ and ‘shortest’, you’ll have the latest, most up-to-date info so you can save time and stress.

It isn’t always about getting from A to B. Sometimes, it’s what’s in between that counts. MAP updates give you options along the way, including restaurant chains, tourist attractions, parks, as well as the nearest petrol stations, ATMs and parking.

It’s important to always keep your eyes on the road ahead and your hands on the steering wheel. And more importantly, off your phone. Driving and checking directions on your phone can be dangerous. It’s also illegal and could lead to hefty penalties. Map updates help support safe driving practices by providing you with the latest information directly from the audio unit in your vehicle.

Updating MAPS doesn’t cost as much as you would think, and it may save you a lot in the long run. Using your phone can lead to big penalties: you’re better to keep your audio unit updated than run the risk of looking on your phone. Not only that, you could save on your phone data and battery too.



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